Savage Sisters

Adriel Lee Wilson

9th Level Games

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Swords, Sorcery, and Sisterhood!

Our sisters, our lovers, our daughters, our granddaughters. They tell our stories; they honor our resting places. Our time is up but we hear them telling our tales. Our shades approach the fire and bless them for remembering us. 

Each Savage Sister is a legendary character of the Sodal’s past that we are sharing tales of, told across a roaring fire on some far future night. You will choose your Lar, the animal spirit who watches over your sisterhood. And you will take up the weapon that fits your style of battle. In Savage Sisters, each player takes turns leading one story of a past legendary sister, while the others roleplay as characters in that story. No prep is necessary, because each game of Savage Sisters is collectively imagined by the players. The game will help your group outline and create everything you need to know to craft a powerful story.

In this unique shared world, improv-style roleplaying game, the players tell the tales of the brave Women Warriors of the Past. Each player takes a turn as the Grandmother (GM) weaving a tale, as the other players portray the heroines of the past. 

Powered by polymorph.

A game by Adriel Lee Wilson
Polymorph by Chris O'Neill
Additional design and writing by Chris O'Neill and Graham Gentz
Featuring tales by Kira Magrann
Editing by Graham Gentz, Adriel Wilson, and Nat Mesnard
Production by Heather O'Neill

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 42 pages.

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