Rebel Scum

Rebel Scum

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A cinematic TTRPG inspired by old-school action figures and punching Nazis in the face.

REBEL SCUM tells the story of how scrappy, anti-fascist heroes can fight back against a government with unlimited power (including giant lasers and space magic). Inspired by a love for a certain line of 3 and 3/4 inch action figures, this is a fast-paced, feel-good, space opera of rebellion and adventure.

In this TTRPG, characters are all expressed as action figures, with their pertinent stats and abilities "on the back of the card." Choose your toy and get out into battle!

Character creation is fast and easy. Select your role, choose two edges, and you're off and running!

Create your own character or grab a pre-generated character and dive into the action fast. Spend Stars to take dramatic action mid-scene, and keep an eye on the Danger level, which will increase as the game goes on. Everything is about creating movie-like space opera drama, with the players at the center of this fast-paced, exciting, revolutionary tale.

This game runs on the Polymorph system! Easy to teach and easy to learn, this delightful modern tabletop ruleset will get you roleplaying fast. 

Each player only ever uses ONE polyhedral die: a d4, a d6, a d8, or a d10. Each die represents a different character “role” in the group. Whenever a player asks “can I do something?” they roll their die and with a quick glance at a resolution matrix, know if they succeed. 

5.5" x 8.5" Book Includes:

  • Character Creation
  • Character Sheet
  • Starship Sheet
  • 5 Pregen Characters
  • GM Guide
  • Zolar System map
  • Everything you need to play a game of Rebel Scum!

Click here to download the Pregen characters PDF and here to download Print Character Sheet PDF.  

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