REALMS #2 - Delving into Dream-Worlds

Edward Lang-Whiston

Autumn Court

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Travel through the sleeping fantasies of friends and foes alike!

Welcome back to 
Realms, the Multiversal Zine.

This is a supplement for the Other-world's favourite roleplaying game, Troika! The second issue explores dreams, dream-magic and dreamers of a few different kinds. You'll find backgrounds, spells, monsters and a short adventure to induct characters into the world of interplanar dreamers. 

Within these pages you'll find:
- 6 New Backgrounds
- 9 New Spells to confound and befuddle
- 6 Enemies from and related to unconscious
- "The Dream-Manse of Draumathar Drol" - an adventure/location to explore

A5 zine. Softcover (stapled). Color cover, 36 black and white pages.

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