PUTRESCINE "The One Reborn"

PUTRESCINE "The One Reborn"


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Old-school gory death with an antifascist twist.
- Kim Kelly

With conceptual inspirations looking at both their leftist political leanings and a particular strain of Gothic horror lifted from action-role player Bloodbourne, San Diego three-piece Putrescine are, on paper, a rather unique proposition. Their timeless hooks ‘n’ grooves philosophy steeped in the buzz-saw rage of Stockholm and the ornate menace of Tampa Bay are all convincingly unpleasant things.

The listener is swept along amid showers of percussive clatter, the traditional sewer splurging lows/lacerating highs vocal switcharoo, and a thick haze of malevolent ambience. It’s the relentless barrage of ferocious and joyously incisive riffs that spew from the guitars of Trevor Van Hook and Zachary Sanders that makes everything from savage opener ‘Child Sized Coffins’ and the mid-paced cudgeling of ‘Inhuman’, through to the barbaric multi-limbed attack of ‘Entropy,’ resound with power, depth and electrifying intensity.

For a debut release, this is remarkably assured; evidence, perhaps, that Putrescine have what it takes for the long haul. Watch this space.
- Astral Noize (astralnoizeuk.com/2019/09/09/review-putrescine-the-one-reborn/)

A variety of lyrical themes, ranging from anti-imperalism and leftist political issues to ones influenced by the Dark Souls video games, give The One Reborn a real sense of character, and the music itself is hard-hitting, twisting and turning at a moment’s notice and with some great solos. The One Reborn is a remarkably assured and cohesive debut, and marks Putrescine as ones to watch in the death metal underground.
- The Sound Not the Word (thesoundnottheword.wordpress.com/2019/09/30/review-blasts-september-2019/)

The One Reborn includes five tracks, in which vicious vocals are performed by all three members — guitarist Trevor Van Hook, bassist Zachary Sanders (who is also credited for the leads in the songs), and programmer-of-drums Marie McAuliffe. Yes, the drums are programmed, but I couldn’t have told you that from the music alone. The vibrancy of the bass augments the head-hammering, body-moving rhythms in these songs, but it’s the quality of the riffs and the soloing across the EP that make it such an exceptionally electrifying barrage of sound.
-No Clean Singing (www.nocleansinging.com/2019/08/17/death-rituals-part-1-putrescine-void-omnia-insanity-cult-phobocosm-dawn-of-disease/) 

Eeleased March 4, 2020

Putrescine is:
Trevor Van Hook-Guitar, vocals
Zachary Sanders-Bass, leads
Marie McAuliffe-Vocals, drum programming

Music and lyrics by Trevor Van Hook
Produced by Zachary Sanders
Mixed by Shawn McClure
Artwork by Scott Mckenzie
Additional cassette layouts by Melissa C. Kelly

Goldenrod Yellow cassette with white ink imprint, 3 panel black and white j-card.

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