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The Old School Revival (OSR) is a tradition of roleplaying focussed on adventure, exploration, and survival.

Worlds of the OSR are dangerous, and characters fragile, but courage and guile are richly rewarded.

I was more than a little apprehensive when I first started exploring the OSR.

It’s just so vast. Endless blog posts and chats. Ancient, out-of-print rules documents. Hack upon hack upon hack.

The OSR is folkloric and communal, hand-carved and labyrinthine.

But a cautious delve into the OSR is worth it. There’s treasure within. Fantastic stories of daring and survival in places strange, dark, and magical.

OZR (with a Zed) is my framework for running games in the OSR tradition, and being a framework it is incomplete. It needs you. You might hand-wave the gaps or cross those bridges as you come to them. Your decisions create the game.


OZR is a lightweight framework for running OSR-ish adventure games, inspired by 2400 by Jason Tocci, Freebooters on the Frontier by Jason Lutes, Into the Odd by Chris McDowell, Mausritter by Isaac Williams, So You Want To Be An Adventurer? by Jared Sinclair, and a bunch of old editions of D&D.

It includes a very lightweight system for creating characters, avoiding danger, tracking injury and exhaustion, travel, and improving your character through experience, as well as advice for refs on preparing for the play, building encounters, and running the game.

Words and layout by Oz Browning.
Development and editing by Matthew K.
Illustrations by Bert of Bertdrawsstuff.
Printed by Footprint Workers Co-op.

Check out the free version at ozr.app.

44 pages. Stapled. Risograph red and black.

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

Tags: Adventure, Dnd, Osr, Rpg, Zine

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