Oniria's Slumber + PDF

Jean Verne

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Welcome to Oniria - a place where Dreams and Nightmares come to life and make the city their own. In this game you play as a member of the Quixotic Society and are tasked with investigating and containing the Reveries when they start becoming too messy.

Inside this book you will find 

- 4 new roles (or backgrounds)
- intriguing abilities and dreamy items
- rules for Reveries (the manifestation of one's psyche)
- enigmatic characters who will assist, oppose or entertain you
- descriptions of several exciting locations in Oniria
- strange incidents to use as adventure hooks or tales from the past 
- an introductory adventure to discover Oniria and its mysteries
- 48 pages filled with colourful and evocative art

Use your ethereal abilities and extraordinary items to discover what motivates the Reveries, decide whether you want to help or stop them and explore the marvelous city of Oniria!

SAFETY ADVICE: Oniria’s Slumber addresses dreams and nightmares as representations of our deepest hopes and fears so make sure to only mention topics you’re comfortable with. It is in no way meant to be a therapeutic tool, so if you decide to include personal details or events from your past, please only do so if you feel safe sharing these with the people you’re playing with.

Most importantly, as the GM or as a player, be respectful and mindful of how you discuss these topics, we all have our fears and anxieties, so don’t be an ass about it.

Writing by: Jean Verne
All art is by Karl Wiener and comes from the public domain.

48 pages, A5 staple-bound zine, full color. 

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