Once More Into the Void

Rae Nedjadi

Genesis of Legend Publishing

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Once galaxy’s heroes, we defied darkness and triumphed despite the odds. We loved each other with fierceness and bravery, certain that our hearts would never be broken. But our family fell apart. Our shared past is full of shame, trespasses, and secrets. We parted ways, vowing to never see each other again. Now, our greatest enemy has returned, gathering strength and seeking our destruction. Only the Captain recognizes the danger and needs to reunite the crew if they hope to save us all. Can the crew trust the Captain again, who left disappointment and heartbreak in their wake?

Once More Into the Void is a science-fiction roleplaying game of flawed heroes, trying to stop the darkness and mend that which was broken. Using the Firebrands Framework, the Captain and Crew will strike back at the Enemy and save the galaxy for good. This game includes…

  • A zero prep system so you can start playing in minutes.
  • Character playbooks for the Captain, the Veteran, the Reformed, the Believer, the Broken, the Stranger, the Bound, and the Steadfast.
  • A set of recruitment mini-games where the Captain reunites with their crew.
  • Eight mini-games to help you play through the iconic scenes in your mission and earn your crew’s loyalty.
  • The final eponymous mini-game where you confront the Enemy for good and try to save us all. Can you overcome your past to save the future?

Designer and Writer: Rae Nedjadi
Publishing and Admin: Jason Pitre
Layout: Jason Pitre and Rae Nedjadi
Design Consultation: Avery Alder
Editing: Christopher Rothwell
Cover Illustration: Adrien(ne) Valdes
Interior Illustrations: Camile Chua and Adrien(ne) Valdes
Proofreading: Christopher Rothwell, Benjamin Jaram, Paolo Jose Cruz, and Sami S'Moore

8.75 x 8.75 Hardcover book, 144 color pages.

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