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Nephews in Peril is a sourcebook for the hit murder mystery game, Brindlewood Bay! It includes 13 new murder mysteries, 7 special Sweeps Week mysteries, expanded setting material for the town of Brindlewood Bay, and much more!

New Mysteries

Dead Man’s Hand by Donna Giltrap
Lies & Dolls, or A Very Brief Tenure by Sharang Biswas Deadly Silent Auction by Petra Volkhausen
Homecoming at Bonfire Cliff by Calvin Johns
Carnival Carnage by Alicia Furness
Fudge, Jury, & Executioner by Chris Bissette
The Long Dark Teatime of the Soulless by David Morrison Fall Guys by Aaron Burkett
Decorative Gore Season by Jim Crocker
A Night at the (Whaling) Museum by Josh Horowitz
Have Yourself a Merry Little Murder by Mads C. Turley
A Throng of Vice & Liars by Alexi Sargeant
Ctrl Alt Deceased by James Smith

Sweeps Week Mysteries

The Hex-Files by Donna Giltrap
Dressed to Kill by David Morrison
Let the Night One In by Alicia Furness
As the Crow Dies by Sharang Biswas
Drifting Down Scream by Gabriel Robinson
You Can Lead a Horse to Murder by Michael Van Vleet
Strange Trains in Autumn, Revealed by Carol Burkett and Aaron Burkett

The Village of Brindlewood Bay

New Locations and Characters by Jim Crocker
A Cozy Little Place by Jonah Knight

Additional writing contributions 
by Jason Cordova
Art by Cecilia Ferri
Graphic design and layout by Harald Eckmüller
Editing by David LaFreniere
Published by Jason Cordova

This game’s mechanics are based in part on Apocalypse World
by Vincent and Meguey Baker and The Between by Jason Cordova.

Hardcover book, 200 pages with color illustrations throughout. 

*PDFs will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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