Mystic Punks Quickstart Rules + PDF

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Based on the solo Mystic Punks RPG, Mystic Punks Tabletop RPG invites you and your friends to delve deeper into occult mysteries and explore beyond Star Valley High School.

Dice, pencil, paper, and a gamemaster known as the Dark Guide are all you need to begin your adventure! These Quick-Start Rules will help you with character creation, gameplay, and initial worldbuilding.

Along with new art from Ben Marra, Mike Noppers, and Nathan Tersteeg, the adventure Crackdown At Ivy Park is included to launch your first campaign of horror and intrigue. Impending doom is right around the Koola Stop Qwik Mart, so the time is nigh to gather your Punks, hone your dark majick, and stop the apocalypse!

Created by Anthony Meloro and Jay Domingo

    68 pages, A4, saddle stitched, color cover, b&w interiors.

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