Moonlight on Roseville Beach

Richard Ruane

R. Rook Studio

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A Queer Game of Disco & Cosmic Horror!

"Roseville Beach is a small town situated on Rose Island, a barrier island off the North American Atlantic or Gulf coasts. While there are several towns on the island, Roseville Beach—between Lili's Wood to the East and Rose Island Swamp to the West—is among the oldest primarily LGBT+ communities in the region."

This is a game about amateur sleuths and monster hunters who keep their bustling, LGBTQIA+ beach town safe while holding down jobs, taking care of their friends, escaping their own demons, and maybe even falling in love.

The game brings together the supernatural investigations and monster hunting of the weird fiction tales of the 20s and 30s from pulp magazines like Weird Tales with the queer romance and adventure of the 50s, 60s, and 70s novelists like Ann Bannon.

Set in 1979, your character and their housemates are spending your summer holding down jobs in this queer beach town. By day, you're doing your jobs in the drag venues, gay bars, and shops that everyone visits on the island. By night, when everyone's in bed or at an afterparty, you're keeping Roseville Beach safe from the weird mysteries and eldritch cults that threaten your queer community.

Created by Richard Ruane

Written by Richard Ruane, Rob Abrazado, Bendi Barrett, Sharang Biswas, Rick Chia, Alison Cybe, Ezakur, Ethan Harvey, Maxwell Lander, Catherine Ramen, Erin Roberts, Ennis Rook Bashe, Noora Rose, R.J. Ryan, Sean F. Smith, Anne Toole

Additional Content by Preston Leslie, Eric Moore, Logan Rollins, Ramses Wilde-Wolf

Developmental Editing, Copy Editing, and Proofreading by Jared Sinclair
Sensitivity Reading by Brian Kunde of GaymerX
Art Direction and Layout by Dai Shugars

64 pages, perfect-bound softcover, 7.75 x 5 inches. Full color.

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