Moonbase Blues

Ian Yusem

Anodyne Printware

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A claustrophobic mystery set on an isolated moonbase observatory. Light-borne contaminants and infected colonists threaten to overwhelm the base in an uncanny tide of blue.

Moonbase Blues is a 2-page sci-fi horror scenario compatible with the Mothership RPG 1e (Tuesday Knight Games), or usable with your favorite sci-fi tabletop RPG system. Excellent for one-shots or as a location in an ongoing campaign.

  • Clear and practical double-sided bi-fold brochure layout.
  • Maps of the Azure Base research facilities and key locations.
  • Random tables for monster appearance, light-related hazards, and items found when searching the facility.
  • Terrified and compromised NPC survivors.
  • Varied and unconventional environmental hazards that encourage creative play.
  • An audio file of an in-universe distress signal to play at your table.
  • Player’s handout with blank maps.
  • Separate color and B&W files for easy printing.

Compatible with Mothership 1st Edition.

Made entirely by humans.

Concept by Dai Shugars
Written by Ian Yusem
Art & Layout by Warren Denning

A bi-fold brochure.
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