Marginalia #3

Logan Garner

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Marginalia is a new fantasy literary zine series by writer Logan Garner. This third issue features five pieces of poetic flash-fiction and six works of verse.

Readers witness a mysterious sacrifice, accompany a cynical spy and a meditative mole, endure the stings of the honeybee, learn herbal cures, and discover the marvelous qualities of mundane plants, beasts, and men. Each piece is illustrated with classic medieval images.

It was no wonder that they came for her (and successfully, despite her coverings); while careful only to take a little, she was nevertheless stealing from their cellar to stock her own. Truly, their combs in late summer, heavy with honey, were exactly that: food storage for the dearth ahead.

Printed on yellow parchment by the good people at Eberhardt Press.

12-page pamphlet with black-and-white illustrations throughout.

Tags: Medieval, Poetry

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