Marginalia #1

Logan Garner

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Marginalia is a new fantasy literary zine series by writer Logan Garner. This first issue—Marginalia Astoria—includes four pieces of poetic flash-fiction.

Readers share a cell with a damned heretic, meet a spell-casting smoker, witness the resurgence of a strange cult, and grimace at the fumblings of an unpracticed summoner. Each story is illustrated with classic medieval images.

The old man had warned Pencildew not to meddle when he’d asked to learn. “You need the old tongue,” he’d said, and called Pencildew’s insistence hubris, among other more colorful things: a knife’s edge. A fool’s end. Gravesong.

Printed on yellow parchment by the good people at Eberhardt Press.

8-page pamphlet with black-and-white illustrations throughout.

Tags: Medieval, Poetry

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