David Blandy and Laurie O'Connel

David Blandy

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LOST EONS is solarpunk sci-fantasy. In Lost Eons you will emerge from the darkness into a new light, one dominated by inscrutable and terrible forces you must seek to understand. Using this guide create a post-human character, ready to face the mysteries and dangers of a far-future Earth.

LOST EONS is a fast but deep toolkit. Play instant no-prep one-shots and sustained campaigns. Discover beautiful and horrifying new adventures through evocative prompts and procedural generation.

LOST EONS is no-maths and instantly playable. Mashing together 24XX and Blades in the Dark, gameplay is streamlined, flexible, fast, and potentially brutal. Level-up through mutation, your body changing as you evolve. Character Playbooks let you create a character in seconds, yet have limitless customization through play.

Books included in LOST EONS:

  • THE PLAYERS GUIDE outlining the simple and fast mechanics, character creation, mutations, the Skills, Traits, and Talents that define a character, and the entwined Magic and Mutations to bring mischief and mayhem.
  • THE FENS SETTING BOOK a system free Setting guide with Information on the plant-entwined archivists, the Calyx, alongside their flowering underground sect, the Colora: the playful crab-like traders the Cambrians, the scarred seapunk Aya, the barge-dwelling anarchist Free Folk, and the great golems of the sentient reed-beds, the Wickonen. 
  • Each of these cultures has suggested names, items, Traits, histories and cultures, allowing you to embody an aloof Calyx, a cunning Cambrian, or hulking Wickonen at your gaming table. 
  • GM's TOOLS BOOK containing adventuring procedures, a card-deck countdown to DOOM, a fast but complex encounter generator, spark-tables for environmental description and generation, a collaborative no-prep campaign creation procedure, a bestiary of 54 weird and wonderful science fantasy creatures and anomalies, treasure tables, and a procedurally generated one-shot/campaign starter.

This Boxset edition is presented in a premium quality kraft box with silver foil. The box includes a fabric-covered foam insert, and makes an excellent dice tray.

Three stapled, softcover books, plus playbooks, folded poster map, and a box. Colour.

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