I Have the High Ground

Jess Levine

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Let’s face it: dueling is sexy. But do you know what’s sexier than dueling? That slower, higher-tension duel occurs before any damage is done—before any blow is even struck. The duel of word and wit, of casual motion and threatening maneuvers.

I Have the High Ground is a short collaborative tabletop roleplaying and storytelling game for 2 players about that kind of duel. Players are also encouraged to think expansively about what constitutes a duel. It's wonderful if you are knights, fencers, or Jedi with your blades crossed for sport or mortal combat. But what if you were hackers, trying to speedily exploit your way into control of a contested server? What if you were a murderer and the aggrieved loved one avenging their victim? What if you’re assassins and ex-girlfriends, or you’re in a boxing match, or a bar fight, or even just a school talent show? Pick your weapons, push the limits, and whenever justifiable: flourish your capes.

I Have the High Ground is mechanically light. The rulebook totals 24 half-letter pages. It is GM-less and intended for one-shot play. It can be played in any genre, and even adapted to use characters from an existing campaign—it's a great way to zoom in on a tense, pre-battle scene from a game in another system.


"I don't know the last time I've played a game as ELECTRIC as I Have the High Ground. Every roll, every turn, and every action came dripping with drama, panache, excitement, and energy. It was thrilling, beginning to end. I can't wait to play again."

- Jeff Stormer, of the Party of One Actual Play Podcast

"We had a ton of fun [playtesting]! The major thing we got from the game was that it is EXTREMELY romantic."

- Kathleen Hyslop, of the Chicks with Dice Podcast

Creator: Jess Levine
Illustrator: Ezra Rose
Design consulting: Satah
Layout: Vin Tanner
Editor: Will Jobst

This premium set includes the 24-page print zine of the rulebook, two custom I Have the High Ground themed six-sided dice for penalty moves, and nine 1.25" double-sided laser-etched wooden tokens that can be used to track priority and to hide in players' fists to indicate move choices, all in a burlap bag that holds the dice, tokens, and zine. 

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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