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Hoss liberated his planet from it corporate overlord years ago, but at what cost? What will he do to keep the power he's gained?

Hoss, fought for steelworkers' rights on his planet eventually getting the ruling corp, Sovereign Bliss, to agree to build a large refinery on one of the derrick towns. When Sovereign kept taking ever more significant cuts of the refinery's business, eventually shutting it down, the steelworkers struck. Apparently taking advantage of the situation, the entire derrick was destroyed in a large blast- killing thousands. Hoss was there to get people back on their feet. Hoss kicked Sovereign out. Hoss planted the bomb and framed Sovereign.

13 years later, a vital piece of evidence linking Hoss to the bombing has gone missing. One of the other union leaders' children has infiltrated his organization to avenge their mother who was killed in the blast. Sovereign Bliss is trying to find a way to take Hoss down. Hoss can feel his grip on the planet slipping, what will he do to keep hold of it?

Compatible with Mothership 1e!

  • The larger-than-life figure Hoss: savior of the steelworkers, hero of the people, and cold-blooded killer."Hoss is boss. Players will hate to love him and love  to hate him." Chris Airiau
  • A three-part blue-collar adventure with an overarching mystery: What has Hoss done? Who murdered the crew on the Concordant Serpent? Who made an illegal planetfall in remote ocean and why?
  • The backdrop of Thunziter 5, an aquatic planet of fishing and deep sea iron mining. 
  • Citrigris, a controlled substance harvested from the planet's Sonic Whales. Refined into an aerosol for its narcotic calming effects. Rumors swirl of its military applications that could rapidly accelerate cell growth.
  • Town Encounters, Ocean Encounters, Fishing Encounters!

"The world of Hoss is rich and contorted. The setting is unique to Mothership and kisses the familiar and industrial age in a grand twist of greed and extreme effort to maintain the appearance of "For the  People". Top this off with variable endings based on the crews' decisions and  potential for an Epic Boss Battle, and you have yourself another memorable campaign from Tim!" - Marco Serrano

26 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", saddle-stitched zine, full color.
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