Himbos of Myth and Mettle

Maxwell Lander


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You are big. Big arms, big tits, big thighs, big brai- you're big where it matters. In addition to a heaving, throbbing body, glistening lightly with a thin sheen of pleasantly fragrant perspirant, you have one singular unifying trait  - come hell or high water, you are going to help.

Himbos of Myth & Mettle is a high fantasy, high camp role-playing game of epic proportions (of body), for 2-5 players, one of whom will act as Game Guide.  The rules center around a simple roll under mechanic and prioritize narrative flair and cinematic descriptions. Himbos is inspired by many classic fantasy properties (and could be considered OSR adjacent), but leans towards a more garish, salacious, and queer (gay or odd, pick your fighter) style of play. It is designed with comedy and flamboyance in mind but is not without its deeper and darker touches. It's definitely *not* grimdark, but there will probably be blood. Think classic fantasy pulp in style, but contemporary sensibilities, modern rules-lite mechanics, and a player philosophy centered in helping, kindness, and being fucking hot.

Tonal touch points: Discworld, Xena, animated Hercules.

Some highlights of Himbos of M&M:

  • Simple roll-under core mechanic
  • Modular + creative spellcasting rules for crafting *any* magical effect thinkable
  • Easily compatible with most OSR and traditional dungeons + adventures
  • Full lifepath system for creating deep and comedic character backstories
  • Skills + gear designed to be expanded on the fly for added player creativity
  • Hot, dripping, sweaty flavor everywhere!

2-5 players - GMed - 2-3 Hours per session 

Created by Maxwell Lander
Edited by Aaron King
Art by Mary Verhoeven (Sob Comix) and Emma James

This book includes Belles of the Ball and Solstice on the Isle of Adharcach pamphlet adventures!

Belles of the Ball

Get ready to pull off a heist with your fellow Himbos in the rain-slicked city of Zool. The annual masquerade ball opens its doors to you...
A masquerade ball, an ancient mysterious city, a wealthy man playing at vigilante, and the Zool Chamber of Commerce. It's a party you won't want to miss.

This adventure can also easily be adapted or remixed for other rulesets and settings!
Written by Colin Cummings

Solstice on the Isle of Adharcach

The light always fades this time of year, the wildlife goes to ground, the plants retreat into the soil, awaiting a pull strong enough to draw them back out in the spring. This is different. The light has left these lands. Darkness, ever-present and suffocating, has set in. It’s been 12 days since we’ve seen the sun. The horned god has been taken. 

Solstice is an adventure/hex pamphlet that could easily be adapted for any game. The details of the adventure can all be randomly rolled including the truth about what has happened to the horned god. It's got random encounters,weird creatures, and some cool NPCs! It's a balance of dark winter adventure and campy Himbo humour. 

Also included are a few Solstice downtime activities to wrap up with, inspired by the real-life wiccan solstice celebrations!
Writen by Maxwell Lander

Hardcover book, 56 pages + character sheets + 2 pamphlet adventures

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