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Hell, the dimension of torment and spiritual atonement, has suffered an insurrection.

Its ruler has laid dormant for decades and the domain is convulsed by the inefficacy of a headless hierarchy. A few Archons, powerful demons which rule over the Circles, have escaped their obligations and are now breaking havoc on the land above, Earth. To make matters worse, a celestial herald from the cohorts of Heaven has come with an ultimatum, ¨You have until dawn to remove the deserters from the realm of man or else we will storm your gates¨

It is your solemn duty to hunt down these dangerous, demonic fugitives. So, gather your unholy arms, armor and cursed relics; the fate of cosmic balance lies in your hands. An infernal choir has been summoned to honor your quest and bid farewell as you blaze through the gates of torment on your thundering hellride.

Your strength is as great as your determination, as the fire that consumes your rage. Welcome to Hell Night."


About the game:

HELL NIGHT is a Doom Biker RPG setting set in the 80s presented in a visually stunning artbook. Each page features eye-melting illustrations and powerful writing which will inspire you to delve into a world which feels like your favorite badass metal album cover. 

The game boasts a minimal 2d6 system, fast character creation and a plethora of random tables, from quests and 80´s accessories to infernal encounters and shady locations; all specially designed for full throttle, headbanging RPG sessions. 

This is a deep, immersive setting that is packed with content and high replayability value.

It includes:

  • 168 pages of pure, doom biker awesomeness.
  • Infernal powers, strange relics, loathsome rituals and terrible adversaries to be used at the discretion of your Dark Master!
  • Two settings in one, each with their own chapter! Break havoc either on Earth or Hell!
  • Five character classes: Slayers, Reapers, Usurpers, Revents and Fallen! 
  • A beautiful art galleria.
  • A limited edition poster with art by Clown Prison.
  • A four panel brochure with art by Brendan Elliott.


Writing & Concept by Gavriel Quiroga
Graphic Design & Art by Tomas Spicolli
Editing & Proofreading Walton Wood
With participation of more than 15 talented artists & guest writers.

Listen to the official soundtrack!

168 pages, 6 x 9 inches, hardcover, smythe-sewn, full color pages. Soft touch matte cover with texturized fonts. Includes poster, brochure and a two-fold riso pamphlet The Damned - a new class for Hell Night.

Tags: Doom, Hell, Metal

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