Have You Heard About the Beast? + PDF

Have You Heard About the Beast? + PDF

Matt Sanders

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Have you Heard About the Beast is a game of tavern rumours and hearsay. You sit in a tavern or other location where the adventurous gather and share rumours of a foul beast that lives nearby. The locals join in, adding all sorts of colourful nonsense to the creature’s description.

Thing is, every bit of it true.

Glowing eyes the size of shields and jaws that could crush your skull. Someone even told me it communes with the birds to learn out secrets.

It’s true! And I heard it guards the hut of a long-dead witch who knew the secret to eternal life. The one who slays it could live forever!

Have You Heard About the Beast? is broadly compatible with fantasy RPGs and highly adaptable to other settings as you provide all the stats for the creatures and content is flexible to suit your setting.

This game is played collaboratively with groups of adventurers and a GM, and will accommodate any reasonable RPG group size. The game comes with random roll tables that provide ideas but many of the best ideas will come from within your group.

Writing: Matt Sanders
Layout: M.A. Guax
Art: Thomas Novosel (and dead people)

A5, 16-page full-color zine, color postcards and three stickers.

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

Tags: 5e, Adventure, D20, Dcc, Fantasy, Ose, Osr, Rpg

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