Eat the Rich

Ambika Kirkland

Games Omnivorous

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"You are what you eat, they say. It’s true. It’s true. No, listen to us. It’s true. Don’t look at me like that. Come a little closer. Yeah. Soft, you are. Soft skin. Soft hair. Come. Sit here. We’ll tell you."

Ambika Kirkland delivers a gnarled, punch-to-the-face interpretation of the Manifestus Omnivorous. Think Elysium meets the Walking Dead in an Art-punk exoskeleton. The adventure is not exactly on EARTH, but right above it in a cloud-piercing Spire where the Gods (aka the Rich) have retreated to and dwell in safety. Down Below, all others rot trying to survive the HUNGER, a zombie-like infection that sees no caste, colour or religion. Do you have what it takes to ascend above and deprive the Rich of their luxuries? Just beware of the DEVOURER, for it will feed on you.

Ambika Kirkland is an illustrator based in Sweden, known for her artwork in Slipgate Chokepoint and various collaborations with Night Yeast OSR zine. "Eat the Rich" is her first book as a writer.

Eat the Rich is a system-agnostic module for use with traditional sci-fi horror games. Comes with 24 pages in softcover slightly bigger than A5 size. Luxurious burgundy and foiled-silver all over.

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