Dinoplex: Cataclysm

Ian Yusem

Anodyne Printware

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Explore a seedy dinosaur wildlife park! Corporate-horror-laden tourism turns to terrifying disaster scenario when a pyrotechnics malfunction loosens starving dinos on hapless visitors.

Forget booze-bending snore leave, take your UTO hours to one of our safe and thrilling Dinoplex theme stations!

Dinoplex: Cataclysm is a sci-fi horror pamphlet adventure for the Mothership 1st Edition (Tuesday Knight Games), or your favorite sci-fi tabletop RPG system. It's loaded with bonus props to delight and frighten your players and ready to go as a one-shot or slot into your ongoing campaign. It includes:

  • A colorful hex-map of the park and its features.
  • Tantalizing park attractions, including: the Tricera Rodeo, a shooting gallery (with live targets), and the Extinction Extravaganza.
  • New items, NPCs, and of course: FULLY STATTED DINOSAUR HOSTILES!
  • Three audio files of unsettling PA system announcements to play at your table.
  • An authentic liability waiver handout full of devious fine print.
  • A player-facing map handout with dino-locating minigame.

A full color tri-fold pamphlet. Includes both color and B&W print-friendly PDFs.

Made entirely by humans.

Pamphlet Written by Ian Yusem (Moonbase Blues)
Liability Waiver Written by Emily Weiss, Esq.
Layout by Eric K. Hill (Green Tomb)
Map and Cover Design by Meredith Silver
Audio Written and Performed by Ian Yusem w/ Sound by Eric K. Hill

A full-color tri-fold pamphlet.
*Digital files will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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