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Imagine a world almost entirely the same as our own, except someone's magical wish to meet the dinosaurs came true. But after the welcome party, what were they all to do? Well, they went on to have regular modern lives alongside our own; bills to pay, families to feed, jobs to work. Most unfortunately of all, though, they have cars to drive–and none of them are really any good at it.

That’s what happens when you’re a 12-foot tall reptile with big legs and tiny arms, it’s just really hard to fit into a compact economy-size sedan and even harder to operate the dang thing.

In Dinocar, you and as many friends as you can gather will work together to map out a snippet of that world. You’ll paint a map, draw landmarks, slap buildings into place, and take turns going on chaotic road trips and commutes. At the end of a game of Dinocar, you’ll have a story to tell and a wonderful map to either frame on the wall or stick to the fridge.

Dinocar isn't just a tabletop role-playing game, it's also an art-making game for people of all ages! Inspired by Maxine Scheen's Bad Maps,  it takes the idea of making a map as you tell a story and turns it into a whole abstract art-making adventure! Here are the highlights:

  • Map out a section of a whimsical world where dinosaurs drive cars; from natural landmarks to urban expansion!

  • Drive across the terrain and weave unique and fantastical dino-stories!

  • Create pieces of abstract art with your friends!

  • A fun tabletop roleplaying and crafting game for all ages!

Whether you're looking for a fun game to play with some friends or a reason to make a mess with the younger members of your family, Dinocar is sure to fit the bill for anyone that likes dinosaurs, cars, or chaos!

Required for play:
✦ Any number of players
✦ A canvas, paper, or surface to make art on
✦ Pens, pencils, paints, and any art supplies you can gather
✦ Sticky notes, tape, glue
✦ At least 1 unique d6 for every player
✦ A place to make a mess

Concept, Design, and Layout: Julie-Anne Muñoz

Editing and Design: Nevyn Holmes

Cover Art: Jess Kuczynski

Interior Artwork: Viditya Voleti, Korben Dennis, James Docherty, Julie-Anne Muñoz, and Nevyn Holmes

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 28 color pages.

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