Death Cap Sauté

Chris Schnetzler and Josh Torsani

Junk Food Games

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A Deadly Cooking Competition in the Weird Post-Apocalypse

It’s the year 23XX and our world is now The Wasteland. The legendary, reclusive Shroomp Lord is hosting a new cooking competition and your restaurant has received an invitation! Can you survive through the challenges and cook your way to the top?

What is this?

Death Cap Sauté is a GM-less TTRPG and dice game for 2 to 5 players and is meant to be played in a single session. Each player takes the role of 3 culinary team members representing their restaurant that has entered a deadly cooking competition. Make the best dishes and impress the judges to earn Shroomps. The restaurant with the most Shroomps at the end wins! 

"It's Mad Max meets the Cutthroat Kitchen. I had a blast playtesting this one earlier this year." -Joseph Frederick, Ludamus Games

What's a Shroomp?

Shroomps are special mushrooms that are sought after for their rarity and delicious flavor profile. The Shroomp Lord is the only source of Shroomps in the entire Wasteland. Many restaurants are willing to compete under utterly perilous conditions for a chance at getting these things. Why? For clout, of course!

What do I need to play?

In addition to the game rules, each player needs a copy of the player sheet, 6 six-sided dice, and something to write with. The player sheet is included in the game rules and as a separate file.  The game takes around 1 to 2 hours to play. 

How do I play?

  1. Grab some dice, name your restaurant, and pick some mutations for your culinary team.
  2. Compete in a series of 5 cooking challenges against the other players. In a challenge, you'll roll some dice to determine how good your dish is in 3 categories: Presentation, Flavor, and Originality. Use your dice to avoid the deadly hazards as well or one of your cooks will die! Then, take turns roleplaying your cooking process, your dish presentation to the judge, and how you dealt with the hazard. In each challenge, you can earn a Shroomp if your dice meet specific requirements. 
  3. After the last challenge, a Shroomp is awarded to the player with the highest score in each dish category as well as a random Wild Shroomp! Whoever has the most Shroomps wins!

Death Cap Sauté includes subject matters that can be triggering to some: namely food, death, and descriptions of violence.

Game Design by Josh Torsani and Chris Schnetzler
Art by Josh Torsani
Layout by Chris Schnetzler 

5.5'' x 8.5'' saddle-stitched zine, 32 B&W pages. 

*PDFs will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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