Dead Letter Society

Rori Montford

Montford Tales

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Live your best unlife as the newest member of the Dead Letter Society, an exclusive communication network for vampires. Pursue your ambitions, and question the Society's motives, in this journaling and epistolary game for 1-2 players.

Dead Letter Society is a journaling game where your letters drive the action. Choose your genre, build your world, and discover the joys of corresponding via a secret society with unknown motives.


  • A vampire journaling game that adapts to your preferred play style and genre.
  • A letter writing game without the waiting. You've always something to do.
  • Tarot-driven and intention-based journaling. Decide what you'd like to do, then draw and answer a journaling prompt to develop the idea. 
  • Game variants for both solo and two-player games.
  • Six pre-generated settings and twelve characters with "first contact" letters designed to inspire your games. 
    • Settings feature:  Lovecraftian steampunk London, the Roman Republic and Empire, modern-day, "cozy" 1920's detectives, gothic, and the far-flung future.

You will need

  • 1-2 players
  • Safety tools of your choice
  • A place to write your letters and journal
  • A tarot deck or a method of generating random numbers.

How to Play

If you'd like to learn more about all aspects of the game, take a look at this in-depth walkthrough. The author talks about everything from setting up the game,  building a world (or using a playset), making a character, and the phases of play.

Content Warnings

This game includes content warnings. Journaling games can be immersive experiences, and it is essential you look after your mental health and that of your fellow player. Some journaling prompts touch on grief, depression, overwhelm, anxiety, isolation, feeling trapped, and despair. A full list of cards covering these themes is given, so they may be removed ahead of time. 

Writing, design, art, and layout: Rori Montford (@MontfordTales)
Editing: E. R. F. Jordan (@ERFJordan)

A5, softcover book, 140 pages. 

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