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Go on a strange journey into the patchwork world of the daydream in Crescent Moon ☾, a feelings-delving role-playing game of brave children and bold adventures.

The game

  • A world shaped by dreams. Play in the daydream, a vibrant land carved out of patchwork dreams and full of whimsical, grim creatures.
  •  Collect memories. Capture significant moments as memories, and use them later to uncover the daydream’s past, learn more about your friends, and unleash new powers and magic.
  •  Non-violent play. Solve problems by making smart use of your tools and coming up with cunning plans, not by slashing your way in and out of adventures
  •  An ever-shifting journey. Shape your playthrough by choosing a link type, each with its own themes to explore, worlds to craft, and special abilities to master. Will you traverse the daydream as a kind family, stranded survivors, radiant dreamers, or star-touched exiles?
  •  Hand-drawn inventory.  The objects you carry matter. Items, spells, and even conditions (like exhausted, or frightened) come in the form of physical, colorful cards for you to write on and make your own.

What will I find inside?

  • A fully illustrated, 60-page softcover book with the core ruleset. Color interior, paperback.
  • Guidance, tables, and tools for playing and running the game over a full campaign.
  • 3 playsets: The Family, The Stranded, and The Dreamers — each adds its own spin to the game and guides you towards a different kind of story.
  • 4 seasonal playbooks for The Moon, each characterizing a different side of the daydream as it cycles through its lunar year.
  • A digital copy of the game in PDF format, as well as a handouts set containing rule reference sheets, all playsets, campaign and safety trackers, and character sheets.
  • Item cards, both in printable and web format.

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