Crescent B/X Bundle

Ema Acosta and Michael Pelletier

Hedgemaze Mail

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Extra-light fantasy role-playing 

The game

CRESCENT B/X is a minimalist micro-RPG for going on odd, whimsical adventures. To play, you and your friends embody characters in a world of your making—either by using a role-playing setting book, lifting from your favorite book or series, or creating a new world altogether. The game encourages you to focus on worldbuilding rather than rules. By establishing an overall tone for the story that you want to stick to, you can easily make calls during the game for what happens next in the story by deciding on whatever makes the most sense or is the most exciting.

By Ema Acosta.
Edited by
Michael Pelletier.
With contributions from: Eli Kurtz,
J. Lily, Michael Elliot, and Saintguard.

Whychwood Fair adventure

You wake inside the fair. Fumes of melted honey rise as you choke on caramel apples. You've never had so much fun. But suddenly, something feels wrong—what?

Explore a wood-carved carnival ran by mischievous fae!

5.5"x5.5 gate-folded pamphlet + 4 Character-sheet bookmarks with tassels + pamphlet adventure.

*PDFs will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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