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It’s morning in the offices of Hoodwink & Bamboozle (H&B), a company with no apparent business model other than publishing impenetrable industry reports.

Today is Hecklery Mulsoon’s final day on the job before he retires. Or it would be, if his head hadn’t burst like a prop comic’s closing bit just as he tried on his farewell watch.

Mondays, right?

What is Cog Eat Cog?

Cog Eat Cog is a system-agnostic module for use with modern-day, corporate horror games.

Cog Eat Cog is a satire of the corporate world and the wonders of capitalism. Cog Eat Cog is set in the headquarters of a major company, 'Hoodwink & Bamboozle', where the characters have been asked to go to collect debts, broker a truce between rival corporate gangs or outright steal the company's secrets.
Cog Eat Cog features a big bold demon CEO, the Malleus Masticator, a creature that like the company it runs is, of course, too big to fail. And the whole building is in lockdown due to a zombie infestation that is known to cause symptoms like chewing on shinbones.
This is probably your last day at the job.
You're welcome.

Written by Diogo Barros
Editing by Andre Novoa

24 pages softcover book, slightly-bigger than A5 size, vivid blue green, and yellow all around.

*PDF file is included in this purchase and will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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