Cloud Empress: Land of Cicadas


worlds by watt

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The 29th Expedition

In the summer of the Century Brood, in the second year of the 108th Empress, a fleet of Cloudling thopters and barges descends through the clouds. The Lordlings from chandelier cities come grinning to the Lowland Wastes, set on glory, greed, and recapturing their missing Empress. 


Cloud Empress: Land of Cicadas is a sandbox setting book supplement for Cloud Empress: Ecological Science Fantasy Roleplaying Game. It contains descriptions of the wilderness, people, and conflicts of the polluted landscape known as the Lowland Wastes during the Summer of the Century Brood. 

Game, graphic design, and layout by watt.
Illustrations by pbbeta, Garin, and watt.
Maps by Daniel Hallinan
Editing and development by Roz Leahy
Additional game development by Christian Sorrell
Sensitivity editing by Monroe Soto

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 58 color pages.

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