Cast Away + PDF

Joe O'Brien and Reilly Qyote

Afterthought Committee

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When all is lost...

and your life is on the line...

What will you do to SURVIVE?

There has been a terrible accident. You're all alone in the wilderness. Frightened, Hungry, In need of rescue. Will you find food, water, and shelter, or death danger and despair? Do you have what it takes to SURVIVE?


Cast Away is a tabletop survival RPG that invites harrowing stories of resilience to your table. With our rules-light system, you'll be ready to play in minutes, not hours. Our novel dice mechanics reflect the ever-worsening condition of survivors in the aftermath of a disaster with no Hit Points or burdensome injury tables to keep track of. Death is permanent, therefore, our Haunting system keeps players engaged long after their characters have passed. This modular set of guidelines is easily adapted to your vision; compatible with any setting, environment, or circumstance. 

What do you need to play?

Cast Away is a tabletop RPG. You'll need:
2+ Players & at least one set of Polyhedral Dice (minus the d20) 

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