Breach of Contract

Emily Weiss

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Let slip the dogs of corporate oppression with this complete guide to interstellar contract law, featuring immersive tear-away contract handouts to enhance your game with legal and economic horrors.

For Mothership 1st Edition.

Breach of Contract is the definitive authority on dystopian corporate law for the Mothership Sci-fi Horror RPG. This book will teach you how to think, act, and negotiate like a megacorporation; helping you realize the Company’s influence over your campaign world, establishing a tangible and ruthless presence in the PCs’ lives.

The law is dead, long live the contract.

Alongside general counsel on legal concepts, tools, and mechanics, award-winning RPG designer and practicing attorney Emily Weiss (Picket Line Tango) presents 8 in-universe and customizable player handout contracts: from loans and licenses to terms of employment. We enter into evidence the following examples: 

  • Legitimate Salvage Declaration: Regulating the means by which ships and their contents may be legally reappropriated from former owners.
  • Death Indemnity Policy: Establishing insurance benefits in the event of a crewmate’s untimely demise. Eulogize PC deaths with fond remembrances as you attempt to cash in their policy.
  • Artificial Intelligence End-User License Agreement: Covering terms of use for your ship’s friendly onboard AI, including disaster protocols in the highly unlikely event of an ethics deviation.

These legal materials inject dry bureaucratic proceedings and transactions with opportunities for engaging decisions, thematic encounters, and open-ended challenges.

We make paperwork fun!


You still haven’t signed yet? We’re prepared to offer the following supplementary benefits:

    • The new Lawyer class, capable of navigating contractual mazes and thriving in high-stress situations.
    • Stacks of legal tables and generators including lawyer NPCs, legal urban legends, contract-signing rituals and more!
  • A secret, mythical bonus contract which may hold the key to toppling megacorporations.
  • Form-fillable contract PDFs.
  • And more!

  • While written as a fully standalone Mothership supplement, Breach of Contract also includes direct hooks and references to our adventure anthology Hull Breach Vol. 1, expanding its setting with pre-filled contract artifacts.

    Compatible with Mothership 1st Edition.

    Made entirely by humans.

    Written by Emily Weiss

    Layout and Design by Meredith Silver

    Editing by Fiona Geist

    Development and Additional Editing by Ian Yusem

    PDF Accessibility Remediation by Dai Shugars

    Brought to you by the Universal Commercial Adjudication Division.

    86 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”, B&W, wire binding.
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