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A special treat for everyone who enjoyed Zverstvá by Besna: a special anniversary reissue cassette showcasing Besna’s previous releases. Side A features the self-titled EP from 2018, and B features the band’s tracks from the 2020 split with Abyss. Limited edition of 45.

Side A: Besna, EP from 2018.
1. Prastará
2. Morena
3. Beštia

Side B: two tracks from a split released in 2020.
4. Cesta krvi
5. Jazero

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released June 1, 2023

EP credits:
Originally released June 1, 2018
Hudba/Music: Besna
Texty/Lyrics: Martin Pinter
Nahrávanie/Recording: Shaark Studio
Mix: Samuel Dudlák
Master: Dominik Suchý
Design: Svjatogor

Besna je/is:
Samuel Dudlák - vokál/vocals, gitara/guitar
Martin Pinter - spev/clean vocals, gitara/guitar
Timotej Jurášek - basa/bass
Gabriel Gorasz - bicie/drums

Split credits:
Originally released September 12, 2020
Recording: Shaark Studio
Mixing: Dominik Suchý
Mastering: Krummafótur Studio
Artwork by: Théo Braisaz
Released by: Wolfmond Production

Pro duplicated and printed white-shell cassette with full-color J-card in clear Norelco cases.

Edition of 45.

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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