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Awenden is a metal band from Cascadia, originally formed by Gudrik in 2017. The project has since become a collaboration featuring various musicians with backgrounds in multiple genres. Inspired by the knowledge that a better world is possible.

Feminazgul is a call to war against patriarchy. Since 2018 with the first release, The Age of Men is Over, listeners of every gender have come for the provocative feminist stance and stayed for the genre-expanding atmospheric black metal played on almost every conceivable instrument. Strings, piano, theremin, and handmade psalteries sit alongside more traditional metal instruments like guitars, drums, and synths - all in the service of drawing forth the beauty and the anger of the land. Inspired primarily by the Appalachian mountains most of the band calls home, Feminazgul is queer, unapologetically anti-fascist, and committed to the ritual of music.

Feminazgul shorter bio: A trans witch who lives in the woods recruited two women who had been outcast by men who feared their strength. Now they play really fucking weird music.

Released May 7, 2021

Cover art by N.O. Bonzo

Awenden is Gudrik with help from:
Rhone L. - vocals and flute
Rosie S. - vocals
Ray H. - vocals

Feminazgul is:
Laura Beach: lead vocals
Margaret Killjoy: arrangement, synth, hognose psaltery, bowed psaltery, kantele, goblin box, goblin bass, frame drums
Meredith Yayanos: additional arrangement, strings, harpy choir, theremin, bells and chimes

Master for digital, vinyl, and cassette by Katie Gilchrest/Mythology Mastering.

Full color 5-panel reversible j-card,
Lime Green cassette with meticulously designed full-color shell labels.

Cassette design by Melissa C. Kelly.

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