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Rules-light, tension-heavy RPG to slay the apocalypse. 

Capture your imagination with near-inescapable dooms that threaten infinite worlds. Be a hero or be the guide to facilitate a heart-racing story to remember.

your sword.

draw your Best SpeLLs.

For tonight, we save
the world.

In ARC, heroes defy the cruel Doomsday Clock to save their world from a looming apocalypse. The book is dripping with deliciously dark art yet lovingly written for all storymakers at heart.

game + art + writing + layout: momatoes

editing: Fiona Geist and Jarrett Crader

sensitivity reading: 
Alexander Saify

You can find free digital resources, including Quickstart Rules and Character Sheets here

Limited Scarlet Hardcover Edition. 168 pages, hardcover casebound, sewn binding, A5 size.

Softcover Edition. 168 pages, full color, perfect bound softcover book, A5 size.

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