An Ecological Study of Fortles, Adventure Journal #1

Sam Mameli

project Nerves

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"My name is Salvador Moss: Sorcerer Emeritas of the College of Friends, Sellsword of Melsonia, and Befouler of Ponds. With me as always in my animated companion, Skullboy, who provided all of the illustrations for this tome.

It gives me great pleasure to present this travelogue of my time spent barge hopping across the hump-back sky in search of a comprehensive understanding of the Fortle. This creature is seen in nearly every sphere of creation, but there has yet to be a study that I know of which details the specifics of these marvelous beasts and the people who cohabitate with them."

Written and Illustrated by Sam Mameli
Edited by Kari Aldrich

This zine is 24 pages, softcover, full color, staple bound.

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