A Visit to San Sibilia + PDF

Peter Eijk

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This city never changes, this city never stays the same. Close to the coast in a river delta, San Sibilia’s sprawling districts are connected by rambling trams and ramshackle ferries. You may have read about San Sibilia once in a 20-part encyclopedia in a dusty shop around the corner, but haven’t been able to find the bookstore since.

A Visit to San Sibilia is a solo journaling game in which you roleplay a character chronicling their visit to the city of San Sibilia. It is a city not found on any maps—San Sibilia is both part of and distinct from our world. The city manifests itself differently to every visitor.

Written by: Peter Eijk
Edited by: Tyler Crumrine

A5 stapled zine, 14 B&W pages.

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

Tags: Journaling, Rpg, Solo

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