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The weird machinery of the phantasmagoria sparks awake. The lantern-bearer braces herself against a broken pew, supporting the weight of the magic lantern against the rotten wood. Out of its flickering lens dances a ghastly projection. A phantom, this one with bark and iron crown, wings made of thread and voice of vinegar. She and her gathered revolutionaries brace back, readying to enlist this revenant to their cause. They are one step closer to overthrowing the Ancien Régime, this time with a spectral guillotine. These are their secret stories. This is a guide to casting phantoms in the revolution.

A Guide to Casting Phantoms in the Revolution is a single-session roleplaying game, in which players work together to summon specters to fight the aristocracy during the French Revolution. Featuring the pentacrawl system, Guide is different every time you play. Played on a story map in the shape of a pentagram, create a cast of characters, interpret symbols to create unique moments, and have the phantoms do you bidding—or you’ll do theirs!

This box includes:
• The complete rulebook
• A screen-printed cloth pentagram playmat
• A foldable paper lantern for holding dice and casting phantoms
• A deck of scene and character cards

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