A Gathering Storm

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The rain is unending and relentless. The road to Sparrowvale is littered with abandoned and ruined goods. The villagers talk grimly of packing up whatever they can carry and making the long trek out of here. The monastery in the mountains has sealed the doors of its library. Something has gone terribly wrong - who will follow the storm clouds into the heart of the forest to set things right?

What is this Adventure?

A Gathering Storm is an adventure for Cairn and similar OSR games.

  • 24 page half-letter sized zine
  • Designed for Cairn, a free OSR system
  • Full-colour zine with custom art and maps (made by me!)
  • Professionally edited by  Ashley Kronebusch

The game is designed to be suitable for both new and experienced characters, with a focus on exploration, mystery, and discovery. The town and monastery are also designed to be good starting points for further adventures.

The adventure started as an adaptation of the adventure of the same name, also by me, for 5E and 13th Age, but is now substantially different.

The text is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.


This adventure takes place in a remote corner of an important trade route. Here, an ancient forest god is the source of all life, from the strange deep forest to the fields that feed passing travelers. Something has gone terribly wrong, however, and an endless and worsening storm is emanating from the center of the forest. Unless someone can delve into the forest and set things right, the region is doomed.

There are three main areas in this game:

  • The adventure starts in the village of Sparrowvale, a village that exists to supply and feed merchants and other travelers, many of whom might want to hire adventurers. 
  • The last stop before the forest is The Monastery, one of many belonging to the Order of the Boundless Scroll, known for its library of strange and lost knowledge. Perhaps some key information on what is happening can be found here, but nobody is allowed into the library right now...
  • Finally, The Forest, the realm of an ancient god, a place of strangeness and great power, where mortals will only ever be uneasy guests, but from which all life in the region flows.

In addition, this book contains a few random tables that might be of use outside the adventure:

  • 36 books you might find in the library
  • 24 random names (on top of the many named NPCs)
  • 8 random merchants
  • 12 things to forage in the woods

This adventure includes violence, violence against wild animals, natural disasters, and religious cults. Some random tables feature altered states of mind, although without affecting the player agency.

Fonts: Hammersmith, Vollkorn, and Dicier. Dicier, by Speak the Sky, is licensed under CC BY 4.0. 
Writing, Art, and Layout by Seedling Games
Editing by Ashley Kronebusch.

A5 saddle-stitched zine, 24 color pages.

*PDF will be emailed once the physical item ships.

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