Trophy is a tabletop roleplaying game about a group of treasure-hunters entering a forest that doesn’t want them there. 

Trophy Dark is a one-shot game of psychological horror, where you portray risk-taking treasure-hunters on a doomed expedition. It is perfect for standalone games and conventions, or for prequels, flashbacks, and side stories that are a part of a larger game like Trophy Gold.  

A session of Trophy Dark is organized around an Incursion. Incursions are scenarios that are designed to be played in a single session, making Trophy Dark ideal as a one-shot, a convention game, or a side story in a longer campaign. Incursions have 5 Rings, with each Ring representing an escalation in the horror and danger the treasure-hunters face. The progression through the Rings is linear, but within that linear structure are many opportunities to make the story your own and unveil plot twists no one saw coming.

Trophy Gold is a campaign-length game of dungeon-delving adventure in the old school model. Unlike Trophy Dark, your treasure-hunters aren’t necessarily doomed, but they are desperate. Their tomb-raiding lifestyle has burdened them with debt, and the near-certain death that comes with facing monsters is nothing compared to the certain death they face by returning home without enough treasure to pay those debts. 

Like Trophy Dark, sessions of Trophy Gold are organized around Incursions. However, unlike Trophy Dark, the Incursions in Trophy Gold are not linear, and often take multiple sessions to finish. The Incursions are divided into Sets. Each Set has a Goal, which represents what the treasure-hunters are trying to accomplish in that Set; Props, which are environmental elements the treasure-hunters can investigate; Traps, which are monsters and other dangers the treasure-hunters might encounter; and Treasures, which are the valuables the treasure-hunters need to recover if they don’t want to die penniless. As the treasure-hunters complete Sets and Incursions, they learn more about (and name!) the monstrosities they encounter—valuable information that is recorded in the Bestiary and passed down to future treasure-hunters.