Fallen is a baroque and grim fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in a supernatural world analogous to the 17th & 18th centuries. 

+ A classless 2d6 + bonus system allows for degrees of narrative action be it a Success, Complication, or Miss

+ A skills system that is based on narrative action; you won't be rolling for strength or swimming, but Crafting, Mending, Incantations, and Venturing

+ A dice pool magic system of Incantations

+ Utilizes an Inventory and Gear Usage Die mechanic

+ An advancement system that lets you grow mundane items into notable Magical Items

+ Simple creature stats using a malleable Rank system

+ A travel system based on Way Points

+ Numerous tables and prompts to generate content

+ The degrees of success mechanics, the narrative-forward approach, and the numerous generator tables also allow solo players to use Fallen easily.