Wild Rose: Self-love, Soft Power

Wild Rose: Self-love, Soft Power

Celeste Inez Mathilda

Liminal Spaces

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An exploration of the medicine and magic of three wild rose (and other roses too).

This zine is the distillation of a month of research, experience, and writing about one single plant. 
Within, you'll find:
  • info about where wild roses like to grow and the relationships they have in their ecosystem;
  • ideas about how humans can engage with roses;
  • considerations for ethical wildharvesting;
  • reflections on wild rose's gentle medicine;
  • a brief introduction to tonic medicines;
  • reflections about the nature of love, and how self-love lies at the root of it all.

Written and illustrated by Celeste Inez Mathilda

Quarter-fold, saddle-stitched zine, 48 pages.

Tags: Adulting, Plants

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