Troika! softcover

Daniel Sell

Melsonian Arts Council

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The Other world's favourite fantasy role-playing game!

 is a complete yet wildly open role-playing game. Players can expect to fly through mystic space, get lost in infinite cities of the gods, and meet strange & wonderful people all the while using a robust and familiar game system. ​

With just one book and a couple of six-sided dice, you'll be able to provide years of adventure for you and your friends. Once you're ready for more there is an abundance of material printed by the Melsonian Arts Council and Troika!s huge number of third-party publishers and fans.

Inside the book you will find:

  • A full automated character creation system that generates exciting starting points for players to build upon
  • Weighty lists of spells and enemies to encounter
  • A baked-in plane-hopping setting that draws you into the world and allows you space to build upon its sturdy foundations
  • Lavishly illustrated by Jeremy Duncan, Dirk Detweiler Leicthy, Sam Mameli, and ENnie award-winning Andrew Walter

What’s New?

So you're been playing TROIKA! since forever and you want to know why you'd need this edition? The short answer is you don't! While the text has been fully revised and corrected the rules have remained unchanged and 100% compatible with all previously published books. Additionally there is a complete complement of new art by RPG superstars Andrew Walter & Shuyi Zhang, all in a new travel-friendly softback binding with an integrated GM screen.

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…then you'll love TROIKA!

Inside TROIKA!

TROIKA! is the latest edition of the world's favourite science-fantasy roleplaying game by Daniel Sell. This edition contains the revised rules text, new artwork by RPG powerhouses Andrew Walter & Shuyi Zhang, and a new binding with an integrated GM screen, all while being 100% compatible with your current TROIKA! books.

The book starts with an introduction to roleplaying and the mindset of TROIKA!

Chapter 2 contains lightning-fast rules for creating your character, including 36 outlandish backgrounds for you to come from. 

Chapter 3 contains all the rules needed to play the game, neatly arranged in numbered paragraphs for easy reference. All are based on the classic 'Skill, Stamina & Luck' system of British adventure books with an innovative initiative system inspired by hex & counter wargames. And you only need 6-sided dice to play!

Chapter 4 is a bestiary containing a taste of the inhabitants of these strange worlds. These enemies are simple to use and offer depth via the innovative Mien system, whereby the GM can determine what an enemy is up to at any given moment.

Chapter 5 contains the now famous Blancmange & Thistle intro adventure, where the GM and their party are gently guided through an adventure full of prompts and a variety of situations so that when you finish you will feel confident in running your own campaign of TROIKA!.

The team:

  • Written by Daniel Sell

  • Lavishly illustrated by Jeremy Duncan, Dirk Detweiler Leicthy, Sam Mameli, Shuyi Zhang, and ENnie award-winning Andrew Walter

166 pages, 15.4 x 1.4 x 21.6 cm softcover book, black and white throughout. 

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