The Village and the Witch

Davide Pignedoli

Exalted Funeral Press

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A Village, a Witch, some additional Weirdness...

Do you want to challenge your players with some witch burning material with unpredictable outcomes?

How about stress them out that it's not clear where is good and where is evil?

Fires are already burning and someone must do something!

This module is designed to generate a Village, a Witch, and some additional weirdness: two pages with die-drop tables to outline the village (map and content), and two pages with a series of random tables to generate a Witch and its connection to the village.

Compatible with Old-School Essentials and other OSR adventuring games

Rather than an adventure, this module helps you design a situation: it’s the setup of a series of unbalanced pieces, with their tendency to generate chaos upon interaction.  If the characters simply stay in the village, they’ll witness some weirdness and violence. They might not get involved, doing their best to keep a distance, but events will happen nevertheless.

Written by Davide Pignedoli
Editing by Sándor Gebei
Art by Ernest Haskell, Otto Ubbelohde & W. Heath Robinson (Public Domain)

Digest sized, 20 pages saddle-stitch zine. Black and white throughout. 

*PDF file is included in this purchase and will be emailed once the physical item ships.

Tags: Rpg, Setting

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