The Sealed Library + PDF

The Sealed Library + PDF

Matt Sanders

Sealed Library

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The Sealed Library is a solo journaling RPG played with a deck of cards, a tumbling block tower, and a notebook/scroll.

You are the sole surviving librarian of the greatest library in history. It sits in the center of culture for an ancient land, now fallen to invaders. They pillage and raze.

The library has been barricaded and you are under siege. What important texts can you move down into the vaults and seal away forever before the barricade breaks?

What will future generations discover inside the Sealed Library?

You are hungry, you are scared, you are desperate. The fate of the combined knowledge of generations is in your hands. You know the chances you will see the outside world again are slim, but this is bigger than you.

~ ~ ~

The Sealed Library is a game about the preservation of knowledge and the lengths we will go to in order to preserve things that are bigger than us.

You play the only person capable of saving the collective knowledge and culture of your civilization. You believe you can save it, some of it. The questions are what will you save and how much of it will you save? You even think you might be able to escape afterward, but that remains to be seen.

Writing and Layout: Matt Sanders

 A5 12-page zine, a bookmark, and a sticker. 

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