The Forgotten Rites of the Moldering Dead + PDF

The Forgotten Rites of the Moldering Dead + PDF

Donn Stroud

Psychoda Press

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A sourcebook of the dead, un-dead, and rotting to inject randomness and new life into the classic un-dead monsters. 

The Forgotten Rites of the Moldering Dead is a supplement containing:

 Almost 100 tables to liven up the un-dead in your RPG sessions

 Additional stat blocks for un-dead monsters, animals, and scavengers

 Tables to generate funeral marches and parades

 Tables for generating necromancy spellbooks

 5 new necromancy spells

 Tips on turning a Wizard into a Necromancer

 A new class, the Un-dead Hunter

 A demi-patron of the hunt, predators and prey, and neolithic hunters

 A 0 level funnel that reaches back through time to aid an ancient godling of death

 A hexcrawl adventure that can be used as is, an 18 day timed mystery of evil necromantic machinations, or as a regional outline to slap your own adventure threads upon.

All of this is compatible with DCC RPG but isn't too hard to convert to any type of old school game.

Written by: Donn Stroud
Art by: Janya Pavlin, Adam B. Forman, Acid Lich, Sam Stroud, Craig Brasco, Mycotae/M. Labelle, J. Labelle/Sinereous, David Hoskins, Charles Ferguson-Avery, Hubert Griffe, Abigail LaLonde, and Dan Hawksworth
Additional Contributors: James A. Pozenel, Jr., Sean Richer, Anne Hunter, Diogo Nogueira, and Daniel J. Bishop

96 pages A4 size, softcover perfect-bound book, black & white. 

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