Tales from Fiddler’s Green 2: Midnight Flowers

Fiddler's Green

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Second collection of prose and verse, with an introduction by series editor Susan Redington Bobby and a foreword from Clint Marsh. 

Tales from Fiddler’s Green 2 features red foil titling, illustrations throughout by Niall Grant, and 80 pages of short fiction and poetry, including the following:

  • The Green Wood, by Jack Kaide

  • Between the Desert and the Green, by Eli Kwake

  • Persephone Dreams, by Jo de Groot

  • The Fairy Cup, by Edwin Sams

  • The Hole in the Garden, by Conor Duffy

  • How to Banish a Bad Year, by Ryan E. Holman

  • Abyss, by Adam Gaylord

  • The Fairy, by Sammy Lobenstein

  • The Witch’s Prescriptions, by Jo de Groot

  • Lady Nilar’s Wings, by Jessica Grissom

  • Willowborn, by Tim Stevens

  • A Stone Called Black, by Kelsey Yandura

  • Selena Moor, by Edwin Sams

  • A Maid Stands Upon a Hill, by Rebecca Buchanan

  • Come Away, by Samantha Hathaway

  • Paper and Fire, by Andrew Rucker Jones

  • A Faint Taste of Scorch, by Connie Todd Lila

  • Magical Vizard for the Sad Wizard, by Spencer Orey

  • P.O.V. of the Tarot Cards You Have Asked the Same Question Four Times, by Lauren Parker

  • Knots, by Heather Gorse

  • Where Once the Wild, by Matthew J. Gallagher

  • Beginnings, by Spencer Nitkey


  • Yondershire Fields, by Hole Dweller

Tags: Fiction, Magic, Poetry

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