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"Having fallen in love with David Hoskins' artwork, when I heard about SVMMONING SICKNESS, I immediately started trying to find it. I never managed to find one in the wild, but luckily when I finally reached out to David, he had a copy to spare. SVMMONING SICKNESS is a great zine for those looking for an introduction to occult topics, and his illustrations are absolutely breathtaking.

Whether your interests in the dark arts are for spirit or for play, SVMMONING SICKNESS is a beautiful primer.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to bring it back into print with this new edition almost 10 years after its original publication." - Max Moon

Written and illustrated by David Hoskins.

Screen-printed metallic gold ink on wine-colored French cover stock, risograph-printed interiors on birch French paper, saddle-stitched with gold staples.

36 pages

Limited to 200 copies

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