Surrealist Collage

Surrealist Collage

Penelope Rosemont

Eberhardt Press

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According to Penelope Rosemont, collage is the “The renaissance of renegade scraps!” and more a revolt of abused images, a concrete anti-commodity, a protest against use-value, and yet it remains the nexus of convulsive beauty. Can that nexus affect probability and affect the future? What is the true power of the image?

A voyage to the unknown, a new-found paradise, a unique key to undreamed dreams -- that is what you will discover in this small book.

Including: Laura Corsiglia, Dennis Cunningham, Beth Garon, Robert Green, Sheila Nopper, Irene Plazewska, Penelope Rosemont, Ron Sakolsky, Winston Smith,
V. Vale, Marian Wallace, Joel Williams & Frank Wright.

90pp paperback
21 illustrations

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