Solstice backpatch / altar cloth

Celeste Inez Mathilda

Liminal Spaces

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Summer solstice / winter solstice candle reversible patch or altar cloth.

The artwork represents the way light, in summer, comes from outside, and less inside light is needed, while in winter, light comes more from the internal, be that candles, electricity, or, on a spiritual level, deeper introspection and self-care.

The black triangles on each side of the centre represent the balance points of spring and fall Equinox.

The print is designed to be completely rotatable; which side is "up" just depends on the season, or the time of day, or what part of the image speaks to you at the moment.

Original artwork, silkscreened by hand in gold ink on black fabric.

The large size is 10*13.5", with a bit more than an inch of fabric on each side.

Machine washable, dryer, and iron safe.

Fabric is new sturdy organic cotton.

Tags: Magic

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