Queens of Noise

Queens of Noise

Leigh Harlen

neon hemlock press

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In Queens of Noise, Mixi fronts the Mangy Rats, a motley found family of queers, crust punks and werecoyotes. Mixi and their band know they’re gonna win the Battle of the Bands final showdown, no matter what it takes. But to make that happen, they’ll also have to contend with poser goths, murderous chickens, and a bullshit corporate takeover ruining the best bar in town.


“A queercore dirtbag ballad with sharp teeth and a soft heart.”
— Nino Cipri

“This little fantasy novella is punchy and pithy and hella queer. Yet even with all the wildness and kick-assitude, it’s full of heart and charm. You can’t help but root for the characters, celebrate their victories, and mourn their losses. The worldbuilding is creative and the writing as punk as the characters.”
— Alex Brown, Punk-Ass Book Jockey

“Anarchic, bighearted, and fun.”
— Publishers Weekly

Queens of Noise is like a great punk song – short, loud, chaotic, and unforgettable.”
— Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“This story of queer were-beasts, witches, punk rock and romance cleared up my despair before I finished the first chapter.”
— Luna Station Quarterly

“This is exactly the kind of shifter fiction I wish there was more of.”
— Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

Finalist for the Bisexual Book Award.

Written by Leigh Harlen
Cover by Crystal Araiza.

Queens of Noise is part of the 2020 Novella Series.

8” x 5” novella. 88 pages.

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