Pocket Dimension Notebook

Pocket Dimension Notebook

Melsonian Arts Council

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Pocket Dimension is a pocket notebook designed specifically for people wanting to make tidy little hex crawls. With blank hex maps and space to populate them, it has all you need to design and run your own sandboxes for your chums.

Run out of space? Fill another map and link them in the margins. Filled all your maps? Start another book and number the covers, cross-reference that bad boy. Want sub-hexes? Pick a blank map and declare it to be so. Maps!

- Small enough to fit in your pocket (A6) 
- 36 pages with 18 blank maps and plenty of space to scribble on 
- 100% Recycled paper
- Numbered pages so you can keep track of your nonsense 
- Unlined pages 'cos lines are for squares 
- Cheap enough for you to mess it up 

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